My favourite YouTube channels

Your mom said TV is bad for you, and I'm here to tell you she was **wrong**.

I watch YouTube in the morning. I watch YouTube at night. I watch YouTube in the afternoon. It makes me feel alright. Because sharing is caring, I will now list my favorite YouTube channels.

Wendover Productions

I’m an avid Wikipedia reader. I can easily get lost reading the most niche artiles. (Did you know that Nepal got it’s first bank in 1937?) Wendover Productions are, in their unique way, narrated Wikipedia articles with a high production value. They cover topics from the economics behind gambling to the invention of time (BuT BriAn TimE was Not InvEntEd)

Also be sure to check out his other channel, Half as Interesting, which is actually equally interesting.

D!NG & Vsauce

I love Michael Stevens. He’s a funny guy with a knack for explaining difficult subjects in the simplest terms possible. A channel that’s difficult to watch if you’re an important and serious adult; if you don’t take life too serious and have a curious nature it’s hard not to fall in love with Vsauce (practically defunct) and D!NG.


CNBC stands for Consumer News and Business Channel. They have really good content if you like keeping up with… get ready for it… consumer news and business. The quality of their videos is very high, which is I guess to be expected from a big broadcaster. Most of their videos focus on particular events that happened in the market or with a company. Be warned, CNBC is an American broadcaster and thus most videos focus on the American market. Luckily America is the worlds biggest economy so it’s always relevant.


A man watched YouTube videos for 69 hours straight and complained about neck cramp. His friends called an ambulance who took him to the E.R. where we are now – is how one of Chubbyemu’s could start. Wonder what happens to your kidneys if you drink lava lamp juice? Wonder no more. Curious about what happens if you eat 40 cookies when you’re starving? Your pancreas goes crazy. Laxative challenge end results? Kidney failure. Not for those who are hypochondric, Chubbyemu scratches a morbidly curious itch. Which probably shuts down your organs.

Primitive Technology

Always imagined what it would be like to watch a ripped dude build things using primitive technology? Imagine no more; the Primitive Technology channel is here to serve your needs. The 20 to 30 minute videos are oddly therapeutic and before you know it you spend the past 2 hours watching a shirtless dude craft a home and tools from dirt and sticks.

Engineer Guy

Bill Hammack is the teacher we wish we all had. Or at least the teacher I wish I had. His clear and concise videos cover mostly clever solutions to difficult engineering problems. My favorite video is the one where Bill explains the intricacies of the aluminium beverage can. Yes, that really is an 11 minute video explaining the evolution of soda pop cans, and how they’re made in the present day. Also check out his book, “How Engineers Create the World”.

BBC Documentary

Documentaries by the BBC. What else is there to say.


I’m not a history buff, but I do love learning about military history. Montemayor is a 2 year old channel, that has 10 videos explaining some of the most decisive battles in the history of our world. Presented without bias, it provides a top-down view from the battlefield with fog-of-war elements to put you in the generals seat.

Bill Wurtz

Whether you’re at the airport terminal, need soap tips, want to now if it’s OK to have feelings, or need to know how many turkeys is too much: Bill Wurtz has you covered. Special shout-out to his videos covering the history of Japan and the World.

So that’s it! Some of my favorite YouTube channels. What are some of your favorite channels? Let me know in the comments be– SIKE my blog doesn’t have a comment section.